12 Tips for Faster Metabolism for Weight Loss

Eat Six Small Meals

On the opposite side of starvation diets, you might be tempted to eat 3 big meals in a day and skip snacks. Actually, this is detrimental to fast metabolism since your body can only handle so much food intake in a given period. With 6 small meals in a day, however, you give your body time to burn calories more efficiently.

Stick to Healthy Fats

You must opt for healthy fat choices like fish, olive oil, flax oil and nuts. All these contain chemical substances that provide good fuel for your bodily processes, hence, contributing to fast metabolism.

Choose Complex Carbohydrates

Fast metabolism is facilitated when foods containing complex carbohydrates are consumed, which is due to the fact that these foods help to stabilize the blood sugar levels. And when your blood sugar levels are stabilized throughout the day, you will experience lesser hunger pangs, hence, aiding your body to burn calories faster.

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