Taming Your Sweet Tooth When Quitting Sugar

Grab these foods that are in your house right now and check out how much sugar is hidden in them:

    • Breakfast cereals. Some cereals can contain up to 30 per cent sugar! This is a huge hit in the morning and especially not so great for our children who have enough energy as it is and don’t need much help waking up in the morning. A simply way to stop this, is to change cereal brands and find others that have a lot less sugar. Don’t just grab the box that says ’10 percent less sugar!’, actually take the time to read the label and find out how much is in each serving. Find a low sugar option or skip cereal altogether and go for eggs and spinach!
    • Sauces, marinades, ketchup etc. All these products are going to contain sugar in some form; molasses, honey, corn syrup etc. You are going to be a little surprised by how much these bottles can contain, and yes, you do use it sparingly but when these bottles have finished in your home, why not try a homemade version or wean yourself off them! I had trouble stopping using ketchup on my favorite foods, but I slowly stopped and replaced it with avocado mashed up or using a sugar free mustard.

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